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When I Was Yours

Covering some Dylan

That time I wrote and toured with my friend Tim

Covering ACDC on the uke

One of my originals, Take Care.

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“Jamie Drake is one of the most talented and amazing artists that I have worked with at PledgeMusic. Both recorded and live I have had the pleasure of watching Jamie move from strength to strength. From 'Plumbline' to 'Maple Street' being stuck for ever in my head from the first listen, discovering Jamie's music has been an amazing and rare pleasure."  

Benji Rogers - Founder PledgeMusic


On first listen, Drake’s songs are unmistakably good.  Upon subsequent listens, they’re brilliant.”  
Colette Weintraub -


Plumbline” by Jamie Drake is one of those songs that I was swept away with upon the first listen. I love songs that remind me of Emily Dickinson poems: a beautiful idea that is instantly transferred to the listener upon the first hearing, but that over time unravels itself to reveal something deeper.”

“I’m thrilled that I was able to find an artist of Jamie’s caliber through the LP33 Studio FastTrack competition.. I really believe that Jamie is an artist that can, and will, be around for a long time. I’m not gonna do a Jon Landau here and say I’ve seen the future of rock and it’s Jamie Drake, but I am going to say that she will be an important artist that you should all run to discover.”  
Michael Rosenblatt -

Jamie Drake became a familiar name in Los Angeles during her “Year Long Residency” at what used to be the hidden, Hollywood gem - Crane’s Tavern - which was known for growing artists such as Lissie and Truth and Salvage Co.  Known for having the ability to laugh at herself and entertain with ease as well as draw out deeper emotions from her listeners, Jamie makes one laugh or cry depending on the spirit and theme of the show.  “Jamie is truer to the roots of those 70’s-inspired styles than any Hollywood pixie out there… Vaguely reminiscent of Jenny Lewis on stage with her motley band… closer to Adele, Florence & the Machine and other current British favorites, Drake’s vocals sway and quiver at their hardest, glide and wrench at their most vulnerable.”  - Marianna Bell (moviesmusicmayhem) Recognized by veteran A&R guru Michael Rosenblatt (Madonna, Depeche Mode, New Radicals etc.) and crowned winner of a first ever “Studio Fast Track” contest, which led to a partnership with “Pledge Music” which was new at the time,  to help finish the efforts of releasing her debut album by calling on fans to donate toward the project that was her album, “When I Was Yours.”  Jamie stumbled onto the Hotel Cafe scene and made her presence known by singing back up for resident artists Brian Wright, Brother Sal, Sally Jaye and Holly Conlan.  She appeared on Wright’s “House on Fire” album and shared showcase at SXSW with Brother Sal that March.  May brought the release of “When I Was Yours,” making it available to the online world. “Mercurial songs like the defiant Plumbline, the ethereal Beautiful and the spectral Being Alone recall the past and present poles of the rustic cow-blues of Bob Dylan (circa John Wesley Harding) and J Tillman…  there’s very little on this album that sounds remotely “modern” and would sit nicely amongst a playlist of Judee Sill, Karen Dalton, Sandy Denny and the Roches.  An accomplished album from an intriguing singer-songwriter.  One to keep an eye (and ear) on.” – powerofpop  Jamie aims for a new experience for her audience each time she performs and recognizes that “as a listener, you need to feel something every time you hear a song, not just a catchy little tune that will soon annoy you, as it becomes overplayed.  You deserve something that moves you, something you can revisit several years from now and still connect with, songs that are themselves a holistic piece of art.  Jamie Drake gives you that.”  - Colette Weintraub (rockisagirlsbestfriend). Drake has had the honor of co-writing and touring with Tim Robbins, and singing in Moby’s on stage choir. She sang an original song written for the film, “The Odd Way Home" in 2014 and has toured nationally (and internationally for Tab's Singapore residency), eventually bringing her the opportunity to sing and perform at The DO Lectures in 2013.  Along with her solo work, she has been working on the production of a debut record for Nobel, a new project co-written and co-produced by metal guitarist and classical composer, AJ Minette.  Nobel is set to release their debut record this coming September 2014.  “Jamie is an artist that can, and will, be around for a long time… she will be an important artist that you should all run to discover,” (Michael Rosenblatt) so stay tuned for new music.